Annual Go Topless Day Jeep Event at Ruge's

Big kids, little kids, furry kids - everyone can appreciate a collection of Jeep Wranglers coming together to celebrate our Annual Go Topless Day Jeep Event. Everyone who stops by gets to check out and show off their favorite Jeep SUV and have some great conversation. We'll even be sharing delicious food, beverages, and more to raise money for charity. We do this every year not only to celebrate the Wrangler and other Jeep SUVs that we see at the event but to celebrate family.

When you drive a Jeep SUV, you know that you have friends and connections from all over. The people you meet here could become your friends for life, and it's all based on a mutual love and respect of getting out there in your Jeep and getting dirty. Off-roading, whether on rocks or in the mud, has never been more fun than it is when you have a group of friends along for the ride.

Join Us Every Year & See Who You Meet

We started hosting this event in 2012, and with such a great reception, we couldn't say no to bringing it back every year. Whether this is your first or your seventh, be sure to come down for our next event and get familiar with our fellow Jeep enthusiasts. We believe that the more, the merrier, so bring your favorite friends and family members, your cool doggy (on a leash, of course), and have a great time.

Whether you're young at heart or young in age, you can truly appreciate a get together of this magnitude. Tickets are not required, and it's open to anyone who has a soft spot for a Jeep hardtop (and a soft top, or no top at all!). Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay tuned in for the next event details, and get ready to mix and mingle with some great people right here at Ruge's. It's free, and you may win a prize!

7th Annual Jeep Go Topless Day in Rhinebeck

Celebrating the fun & adventure that comes with owning a Jeep!       

Our 7th Go Topless Day will be on Sunday May 19 here at Ruge's from 10am-2pm

It's free, it's fun, all welcome... Come win a prize! 

See our Facebook event page


"Go Topless Day" attracted over 100 Jeeps and their owners, families, and friends!


It was great to see our friends from all the local Jeep Clubs!


We're always grilling and giving out prizes for the best Jeeps in fun categories.



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