Drivers in the Hudson River Valley have long turned to Ram trucks when they need vehicles with top-notch capability, power, and durability. They remain to this day some of the most popular trucks in the area.

If you haven't shopped for a new Ram truck in a while, however, you may notice a change. Ram trucks are no longer included with the Dodge inventory at dealerships like Ruje's CDJR.

So, are Ram trucks still made by Dodge?

The accurate answer is to say that Ram trucks and Dodge cars are different brands that are produced by the same parent company. In decades past, Ram trucks were simply models within the Dodge lineup. This changed in 2010.

In that year, Chrysler and its brands merged with the Italian automaker, FIAT. The resulting parent company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, chose to spin off Ram into its own brand.

So, Ram is now its own brand that focuses specifically on trucks and work vehicles. However, it's owned and operated by the same parent company as Dodge. Both Dodge and Ram vehicles use factory and performance parts from MOPAR, and MOPAR technicians are equally prepared to work on models from either brand.

To sum it all up, Ram trucks offer the same capability and durability that drivers are accustomed to. All that's really different is that they now have their own brand apart from Dodge.

Whether you're looking for a Ram truck or a model from Dodge, come visit us at Ruje's CDJR. We can help you find the perfect new car or truck.

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