How to Improve your MPG


Ten Tips for Better Fuel Economy

1. Check your tire pressure ? properly inflated tires can improve mileage by 3%
2. Change motor oil and oil filter regularly, to protect your engine
3. Replace a dirty air filter and improve MPG by as much as 10%
4. Check spark plugs ? a misfiring plug can cut fuel efficiency by up to 30%
5. Run engine diagnostics ? fixing a faulty oxygen sensor alone can improve MPG by up to 40%
6. Drive sensibly; avoiding jackrabbit starts and stops can increase fuel economy by as much as 5%
7. Observe speed limits ? fuel economy drops 2% for every mile per hour that you drive over 55
8. Remove excess weight, and improve fuel economy by 2% for every extra 100 pounds you remove
9. Avoid excess idling, since idling longer than 60 seconds uses more gas than stopping and restarting
10. Use cruise control to maintain a steady speed, which can increase fuel economy by up to 10%
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