Pre-Road Trip Check List

With so many motorists hitting the roads, we've provided a 10-point guide for all drivers to follow, to help prevent an unforeseen breakdown.

It is every driver's responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is in a roadworthy state.

Spending a little time checking over your car beforehand might not only help preserve its condition but also prevent an unwanted breakdown.

1.   Check the engine oil level.

Instead of relying on a warning light, open the hood and use the dipstick, with the car standing on a level surface. If the sump needs topping up, make certain it is with oil of the correct viscosity and grade.

2.   Check the coolant level with the engine cold.

On most cars, the level can be seen through the translucent expansion bottle.

3.   Ensure your fuel tank is full.

If you are traveling to an unfamiliar area, you will not want to waste time looking for gas, or risk running out.

4.   Ensure the brake fluid level has not dipped below its minimum line.

There is no need to remove the cap, as the brake fluid container is often see-through.

5.   Prior to setting off, make sure that the tire pressures are correct.

If you are carrying rear seat passengers and/or heavy luggage, note that the rear tire pressures can be increased slightly. Check the tire tread depth and that the sidewalls are not damaged.

6.   Check any auxiliary system levels, such as power steering and automatic transmission fluid.

7.   Walk around the car and check that all lights are working.

Ensure that no suspicious leaks are beneath the vehicle but note that air conditioning systems can deposit water on the ground, if they have been working for an extended period, which is normal.

8.   If your car is dirty, considering washing it. Cleaning the glass will also help enhance visibility.

9.   Fill the windshield wiper fluid reservoir

10. Check for relevant documentation in the glovebox.

Insurance and Registration in case you have to produce them, in the event of an incident.

Happy Motoring!

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